Capability Statement

Program, Management, Consultancy and Staffing Services

Program, Management, Consultancy and Staffing Services

Management Consultancy Services

  • Fiscal and Administrative Support Services
  • Grant Solicitation, Administration &
  • Management Oversight
    Management of Programs and Support Services
    Data Integrity Compliance
  • Property Management Services
  • Management Services
    Professional and Management Development Training

Youth Enhancement Services

  • Social Development Management (Community Living and Leisure Time)
  • Youth Leadership Development and Coordination ·
  • Career Development Counseling and Technical Support
  • Behavior Management and Positive Reinforcement
  • Youth Progress and Disability Assessment and Management

Workforce and Career Technical Training Services

  • Apprenticeship and Skills Development Learning
  • Workforce Development and Partnership
  • Program Outreach, Marketing and
  • Participant Recruitment
    Job Readiness,
  • Placement and Retention
  • Case Management (Career and Personal Counseling)
  • Career Development Services (Career Technical Training)

Academic and Support Services

  • Academic Pathway Development and Delivery Management
  • Testing and Youth Progress Assessment
  • Program Scheduling and Management
  • Curriculum Development, Management and Evaluation
  • Program Outcome, Assessment and Delivery Evaluation